Q Where does the milk come from ?

Our Cow milk is procured from Loonkaransar, Rajasthan and Buffalo milk is procured from Sirsa, Haryana. Our Processing Plant is in Sirsa, Haryana. The whole process of Procurement, Testing and Packaging the milk happens under less than 8 hours and the milk reaches your door under24 hours from the time it was milked.

 Q What is the Fat level of your milk ?

Dairylac milk is completely unaltered in every way. The pure milk sourced from the cattle varies throughout the year depending on the season, feed given to the cattle, amount of water the cattle intakes etc. Our Cow milk varies between fat range of 3.2 - 3.8. While our Buffalo milk varies between fat range of 5.3 - 6.

 Q How do I know you are pure ?

Our purity is what we take pride in. Our all of the products are FSSAI approved. The entire supply chain is modified including insulated bags and boxes, refrigerated trucks so that you can enjoy unaltered pure milk. A complete Dairy-to-Door approach lets us take stringent steps to ensure our products reach safe and pure in your hands.

 Q How can I pay

Our billing is a postpaid model. You will be billed at the end of every month till you continue your subscription with Dairylac or when you cancel your order  (except for our A2 desi cow ghee which has cash on delivery method only). Modes of payment include Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, Paytm.


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