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Pure Desi as promised

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At Dairylac, we procure milk from Loonkaransar, Rajasthan. We follow stringent quality checks at the dairy farm to make sure that the milk is procured from well-fed Desi (Indian) Cows of Rathi Breed only as the milk obtained from them contains A2 protein, known to have several health benefits along with being easy on the human digestion system.

Some of the other farm standards include:

  • No Milk inducing Injections
  • Lactation Cow Alleys
Send invoices with Dairylac

Cool all the way!

Expense tracking software.

Milk leaves the Dairy Farm in our specialized fleet of Trucks designed to keep the milk under 4�c which does not Permit bacteria growth. All transport vehicles have been modified to ensure a closed loop absolute temperature retention under 4�c.

Expense tracking software.
Time Tracking

And you thought your smartphone cant get you milk

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At Dairylac, the entire process, from delivery chain to customer experience has been fully digitalized to provide a better service and not just a better product. Android and iOS applications have been developed to provide an unparalleled experience of ordering and updating milk requirements with us.

Time Tracking in Dairylac

The way it should be

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Milk will be provided at your house via Dairylac Refrigerated Delivery Vans. An A-Z operation control and management by our company ensures premium and reliable service. Our milk goes through rigorous testing at three stages:

  • Procurement
  • Processing Plant
  • Just Before Delivery
Accepting credit cards in Dairylac

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Pure Desi Cow Milk

Dairylac procures milk from Loonkaransar, Rajasthan where there are well fed Desi Cows of Rathi Breed only.

Dairy To Door approach

An A-Z operation control and management by our company ensures premiumand reliable service.

Save Time

With Technology at your tips, now you can save a lot of time And effort in ordering and updating your milk needs on a daily basis.

CEO's message

Khushdeep Bajwa

When it comes to quality, we all know the sad reality of the milk that is available to us today. Most of the milk available in the market is manufactured, adulterated and contains A1 protein proven to be the leading cause of various health issues. It was very unsettling for me to realize that the so-called nutritious milk was causing more harm to me than good and I needed some answers.

After a little research in the areas of Rajasthan and Punjab, I quickly realized that the goodness of Desi Cow milk is not some newfound study but a common wit among all the village folk and dairy experts since ages. The knowledge has been hoarded by these so called big "money-minting" companies, earning at the expense of consumer's health and supporting malpractices such as Milk inducing feeds, injections and generically modified breeds just to ensure the maximum amount of milk per animal.

India in particular has always been at an advantage because the Desi Cow breeds in India (including Rathi, Sahiwal etc.) provide milk with A2 proteins, which is nutritious and healthy along with being easily digestible. Dairylac taps this home-field advantage by ensuring that every drop of our milk is procured form the desi cow breed Rathi, found in Loonkaransar, Rajasthan.

We at Dairylac simply strive to bridge the ever-increasing gap between premium quality Desi Cow Milk and Deserving Customers like you.

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Thanks to Dairylac, I no longer have to worry about my family's health and nutrition.

Dalip Taneja,

"What I love most about Dairylac is the user-friendly mobile app that lets me manage my daily milk needs effortlessly."

Lokesh Chandra,

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