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Why Choose Dairylac ?

Dairylac brings farm-fresh milk and dairy products at your door. Our farm-to-finished approach makes sure there is no middleman between purity and you.

Serving over 16,000 Customers we have built a purity loving community. With more than 70 lab tests conducted on each batch before it leaves for delivery. We ensure our each products not just meets but exceeds your quality expectations.

Key Features

Made available to you by our farm-to-finished approach ensuring purity.

Our every batch passes through 70 lab tests before getting approved for delivery.

Your dairy requirements are at your door before 7:30 am and without disturbing you.

With our intuitive mobile apps modify your daily requirements as you go.



At Dairylac, we procure milk directly from farmers situated in Rajasthan-Haryana region. The milk is procured and immediately chilled to 4°c.


Over 70 stringent lab checks ensure high level of quality control at every step. A few products are picked up at random and are tested before the delivery of the entire batch.


The products are packaged in a food-grade material after pasteurization. A few products are picked up at random and are tested before the delivery of the entire batch.


The products are then ordered via you (the customer). This can be done via call / mobile app. After receiving the order milk is then packed in iced insulated boxes and is scheduled for delivery.


Our complete end-to-end cold chain keeps the milk at 4°c. The milk travels via refrigerated trucks, insulated vans and bikes and finally is delivered in an insulated bag hung outside your house without disturbing your sleep.

Products we offer

How’re we Pure ?

When it comes to purity, we at Dairylac have a no compromise attitude. FSSAI accredited products and Lab reports (both internal as well as external) are conducted on a regular basis to check on our promise of purity read more

With over 70 lab tests conducted on every batch before delivery. Our stringent norms right from sourcing the products to the delivery ensure that our products contain No preservatives, No adulterants or any other form of additives. We deliver the products as is in its naturally pristine form from the farm to your doorstep. read less

A2 milk is incredibly beneficial for your body for primarily single reason. It does not contain BCM-7 found in A1 Milk. A1 milk is referred to as the milk obtained from genetically modified breeds like HF, Jersey etc. This is the milk that is generally available in the markets as cow milk.

A2 milk protects you from the harmful diseases that are supported by BCM-7 found in A1 milk like read more

  • Neurological Impairment
  • Diabetes
  • Impaired Immune Response
  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Heart Disease

Moreover the texture of pure A2 Desi Cow Milk is closest to a mother's milk. Hence allowing it to easily digest and is especially beneficial for people with borderline lactose intolerance. read less

For your satisfaction, below you can find our latest lab report attached for this month.


Help and Contribute in Farmer Support by choosing Dairylac

With over 1,000 Farmers associated directly with Dairylac. We are pushing the envelope of the traditional milk vending system and are directly empowering our farmers to an independent and purity driven industry.


It is a health-for-happiness process at Dairylac, we provide you the health of pure milk ensuring happiness and empowerment directly to the farmer.

Our App

Stat/Stop Order

You can create and delete your orders all at a single tap of the finger.

Create new Order

Create a single product order or order multiple products all using our app.


Modify an existing Order

Increase/Decrease the quantity of your milk on a day to day basis as well.

Pause your Order / DND

Going out of town? You can now just pause your order/ place a DND using our app.

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We are currently serving in Noida, Faridabad, Delhi and Gurgaon

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FAQ Section

How Can I pay?

We have a Post-Paid model. So, you will be raised a bill at the end of the month. We accept Cash and Paytm.

Do I have to get up for the milk?

Initially for the first 1-2 days you might have a little inconvenience. The Delivery Executive might call you in order to locate your household. But later on based on your instruction, the delivery executive can silently deliver the milk without disturbing you.

How Can I be assured of Purity?

We get our products tested from an independent well established NABL Accredited Lab. You can download the latest lab report From here. You can also check the ingredients of our product. And since we are FSSAI approved. Those Ingredients list prove that nothing has been added/removed from our products.