A2 Desi Cow Milk

Milk is procured from well-fed Desi (Indian) Cows of Rathi Breed as the milk obtained from them contains A2 protein, known to have several health benefits along with being easy on the human digestion system.

Whole Buffalo Milk

Whole Buffalo Milk helps to maintain the strength of bones in your body by providing you with all the calcium you need in your diet.

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Our Features

  • Happy Cows. Happy You

    Our Desi Cow Milk procured from Desi Breed of Rathi Cows and is rich in A2 proteins which benefits human body and keeps it healthy.

  • Purity

    Our both the milk products differ in taste and texture from the generally available artificial, adulterated and manufactured fat-based milk generally available in the markets.

  • Thick. Creamy. Yummy

    For the tea-lover in you. Our whole Buffalo milk makes your cup of tea thick and delicious along with being beneficial for your body.

  • Essential in your diet

    All the Calcium you need in your diet. Whole Buffalo milk helps to maintain the strength of bones in your body.

  • Transportation

    Immediately after milking, the milk is stored at 4°c until it reaches your door step to prevent any bacteria growth

  • Processing

    Stringent Lab checks ensure high level of Quality Control. The milk is pasteurized only once which is essential before consumption

  • Delivery

    You would be provided with a free Insulated Bag to hang outside your door for the delivery of milk without disturbing your sleep.

  • Price

    Industry’s purest and cheapest among all the pure and whole milk alternatives. A2 Desi Cow Milk available at Rs. 50 /litre Whole Buffalo Milk available at Rs. 60 /litre

Frequently Asked Question

Dairylac Milk is completely natural and unaltered; the milk is delivered as it comes
without any fat adjustment. The natural fat range of our A2 Desi Cow Milk lies within 3.5 – 4
and the range of our Whole Buffalo Milk lies within 6 – 6.5.

We have a Postpaid Subscription model. Bill of your usage will be raised at the end of month. You can pay via Cash, Credit/Debit Cards, Paytm.

Dairylac milk is untouched via any pair of hands meanwhile the quality and Hygienic level of an unpacked product cannot be and must not be relied upon. A local vendor’s milk deals with concerns like Unsterilized Containers, Contamination via flies and unfortunately adulteration via the Vendor himself.

Milk packaged in a Tetrapack undergoes UHT (Ultra High Temperature) processing known to break milk’s atomic particles leaving the nutrition of various calcium and vitamins in it utterly useless. That breaking down of all the nutrition is what gives the life of milk in Tetrapack its longevity (shelf life) of a month.

We ensure a closed-loop of temperature control via refrigerated trucks, insulated boxes and bags for delivery to keep our milk temperature under 4°c, essential to control the bacteria growth in any pure milk.

Thanks to Dairylac, I no longer have to worry about my family’s
health and nutrition.

Dalip Taneja


What I love most about Dairylac is the user-friendly mobile app that
lets me update my order easily

Anuj Bhatia


The milk is at my doorstep before I wake up and I love the taste. Don’t really
need anything more. Keep it Up.

Anita Sharma


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